Friday, May 12, 2017

My Amazon FBA Business

Fulfillment by Amazon
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How To Become An Expert Amazon FBA Seller
And Earn US$ 10,000+ per Month in 12 Months

FBA is a program where merchants can list their products for sale on Amazon and ship them in bulk to Amazon warehouses. Amazon will store the products and pack and ship them directly to customers after every sale. Amazon will also take care of payments, returns and customer services. This frees the sellers from the laborious and time consuming task of packing and shipping products and can thus spend more time on product sourcing and marketing.

Thinking that this maybe a great opportunity to market directly to consumers in USA, I started doing research on FBA about 3 years ago. I began sending my first shipment to Amazon in June 2016 and since then have sent hundreds of shipments and have achieved a sale of USD 40 to  50 K per month in the past 5 months. I have also managed to enter marketplaces in Canada, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Visit my Amazon shop front here:

I will share my experience in the free preview and offer a 1 day hands on workshop with 12 months support to my students. All are welcome. See you there!

Thank you.

Simon Teh

Limited seats available, first come first serve. Book yours now.

RSVP: SMS/WhatsApp Name and Email to 0164165599

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