Monday, July 7, 2014

Goal: To provide shelter, counsel and help for the homeless in Penang

There are 150+ homeless living on the streets and sidewalks of Penang. Many are young children. We believe a decent resting place is a basic human right that should be available to all. We aim to provide a bed and toilet facility for free to anyone regardless of race or creed.

By getting a 2 or 3 story building in town area and using triple decker bunk beds, we can provide shelter and toilet facility for 200 to 300 homeless at a very low cost. We estimate a startup cost of RM50,000 to 80,000 and monthly maintenance of RM10,000 will be adequate. We will have a facebook and website to tell our story and the public can volunteer to help or donate.

We will also provide counsel and help to rehabilitate them. RumahMu will be a secular organization so that people of all religion will be comfortable with our service.

There are a number of soup kitchens providing free food in Penang but the homeless have to sleep on pavements.

Basic rules:
Smoking, drugs and alcohol consumption will not be permitted in the premise.
Tenants must keep good behavior and personal hygiene and help in the upkeep of the place.

It is our hope that RumahMu will solve the plight of homeless people in Penang and become a model for others to emulate. And all the homeless of the world will have the comfort of an indoor bed to sleep on, just like you and me. It will help to reduce crime rate and make our city more pleasant for tourists and local.

We are looking for funding and volunteers to make it a reality. Large donors will be featured as a Sponsor of RumahMu. Please get in touch if you want to help. Thank you in advance for your help, donation and sharing this post.

Yours truly,
Simon Teh
Tel/WhatsApp: 0164165599