Friday, March 28, 2014

Tap2Toilet Water System

Tap2Toilet Water System

Re-using of bath/tap to flush toilet, water plant and wash car in an apartment building can help save around 30 to 40% of water used per household.

This will require separate plumbing systems for toilet and tap/bath use. The run off from tap and bath water will be collected, filtered and channelled for toilet and plant watering use.

30-40% of water consumption by household is for toilet flushing and plant watering. By using the Tap2Toilet Water System we can save scarce water resources and help the environment by reducing waste water refuse and pollution.

The initial investment will be recouped with the savings in water bill and cheaper water cleanup cost. This is best done for new apartment and commercial buildings as it may not be viable to install the system in an existing building.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pay-It-Forward Scholarship Fund

Pay-It-Forward Scholarship Fund

A Scholarship for tertiary education with condition that the recipients pledge to payback a certain percentage of future earnings (maybe 10 to 20%) back to the fund so it will self sustain and grow perpetually.

All applications will be done online. Recipients will also be required to post progress online at least monthly. All accounts will be also posted online to ensure transparency.

Unlike other scholarships which can run out of fund unless replenished, this one can grow and grow as the years pass, and more and more scholarship can be given out with no high reserve required. It may even be more “profitable” than actual for profit business.

Many scholarship foundations only use its interest or earning to give out grants so it severely limits the numbers of people they can help. But PSF can give out much higher percentage of its fund as it can be treated as investment with positive return.

The scholarship will more likely to attract selfless applicants who are willing to share and help others. And it is a much better alternative than an educational loan which will keep them indebted for many years and has the highest default rate of any loans.

The Fund will also attract other givers as the money they give will keep on gifting.

Some of the scholars will become millionaires or even billionaires so the fund can grow exponentially.

Is somebody out there going to do something about this?