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A EcoCity is an Eco-Friendly, self contained city where everywhere is within walking distance. A EcoCitizen and family will stay, work, learn, eat and spend most of their time within the City. There is no need to own a car as everywhere is within walking or cycling distance.

The size will about 1 sq km so the longest distance between 2 points is less than 1.5 km or about 20 minutes walk.

  • A typical EcoCity will be home to around 100,000 EcoCitizens living in about 40,000 apartments in about 100 buildings.
  • Most buildings will be 70 stories or higher to maximizes space for living, working and leisure.
  • No cars or motorised will be allowed in the City
  • Most people will be working in manufacturing or service companies located within the City.
  • The City will have all amenities commonly available in major cities.

What are the advantages of EcoCity?

  • Super Energy Efficient- people will not need a car as they will be working and living within the City. Most people have to spend hours stucked in traffic jams everyday. This alone can save 20 to 30% energy consumption per capita.
  • More time will be available for work, play and rest. This will likely increase productivity by 10 to 20%
  • Better quality of life- Traffic jams are very stressful and wasteful. Not having to get stucked on journeys means more money and time to spend on leisure and other pursuits.
  • Healthier- EcoCitizens will be breathing cleaner air and benefit from more walking.
  • Friendlier- Happier people makes friendlier people.
  • Lower fatality and injury rate due to road accidents
  • Better security and lower crime rate as denser area means less opportunity for criminal and easier to police.
  • Higher Living Standard- Most families spend a big portion of their income on a car or for transport.
  • Big Advantage for EcoCity Companies- Employees will be more productive and punctual.
  • A MegaCity can be made up of 5 or more EcoCities connected with MRT and roads.

For a EcoCity to work it will have to attract a whole range of businesses and facilities like:

  • Manufacturing and service companies to provide employments
  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Shopping Malls and markets
  • Government agencies
  • Park and leisure facilities
  • Bicycles tracks for inner city travel
  • Museums, libraries and theaters
  • Swimming pools, gyms and stadiums
  • Farm nearby to supply food

EcoCity can grow to even 10 sq km housing 1 millions, with monorail as chief means of transport.

EcoCity can solve many of the problems of a city. This is critical as the majority of people now live in cities. This can also be a very profitable venture. It can save up to 50% on energy consumption per capita.

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