Friday, April 5, 2013

Unique Address Number - UAN

Unique Address Number - UAN

If each house, shop or property has a unique address number, UAN, it can do away with long and sometime confusing addresses.

I propose that the number be made up of:

  • 3 digit country code, as per country telephone prefix
  • 5 digit Postcode
  • 5 digit address code

Thus a typical address in Penang, Malaysia:

488E-25-04, Midlands Condo,
Burmah Road,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 Penang

will be represented by:


And can be easily be encoded into barcode using one of the many barcode generator available online.

Letters with UAN can easily and speedily be read and sorted by scanning machines. This will increase efficiency and lessen mistakes, potentially saving billions of dollars a year.

An address can also be easily located on online maps if databases are uploaded.

What do you think? All comments welcome.

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