Thursday, April 4, 2013

Solar Water Machine - SWM

Solar Water Machine - SWM


There are many ready made Water from Air Machines using condensation to produce drinking water from the air. The idea is to power it using solar panel. Electricity generated from solar panels is expensive to store but SWM will use all electricity to generate water. The solar panel can also be used as electric generator.

There are no insurmountable difficulty, just find suitable Air To Water Machine and Solar Panel System and plug them together. Voila!

The water produced are almost pure and fit for human consumption.

Many small tropical islands have to depend on imported water making it very expensive and also very environmentally unfriendly. Most islands are sunny and humid as they are surrounded by sea, making them ideal for SWM. They can now be self sufficient in water and electricity. It can also make many islands and remote areas hospitable.

It will also be ideal for use in ships and coastal area where potable water and electricity is scarce, especially small islands, remote villages, coastal desert etc. Best of all they are almost free to operate as no fuel is needed. It can be a lifesaver for many.

Anyone interested in commercializing this idea?

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